"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - O.W.

Current Study

Recently Completed Study:
Ph.D thesis: "Mapping Planet Auschwitz: The Non-Mimetic in Anglo-American Fiction of the Holocaust"

Current Sub-Studies

Areas of Interest:
> Non-mimetic depictions of trauma
> literature, trauma, and ethics
> Science Fiction and Alternate History
> 20th and 21st century literature
> Comics
> Paratexts

Reading Groups

I also chair two readings groups, one on science fiction and fantasy fiction and the other on graphic novels:

I have chaired the Liverpool One Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club since 2009 and maintain its blog which contains summaries of the discussions (and scores) of the books discussed.

Coffee and Comics is science fiction bookclub's younger sibling. I set it up in 2010, it too has a blog initially set up with similar aims as the elder reading group. The group's online activity has now largely shifted to a facebook group (link on the blog), although reading lists are still included on the blog.

These groups are open to the public and regularly welcome new members, feel free to join in discussions online, or even pop into a meeting.