"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - O.W.

Current Study

Current Study:
Ph.D thesis on the interaction of history and fiction in non-mimetic literature of the Holocaust

Current Sub-Studies

Areas of Interest:
> Non-mimetic fictions of the wider Second World War
> Alternate History
> History and Fiction
> History and Popular Culture
> Comics
> Paratexts


Current Research in Speculative Fiction (CRSF) is a postgraduate conference designed to promote the research of speculative fictions including, but not limited to, science fiction, fantasy and horror.

I decided to set up CRSF to showcase some of the latest developments in the dynamic and evolving field of speculative fiction criticism. The conference provides a platform for the presentation of current research by postgraduates and is inspired by similar postgraduate conferences that I've witnessed in other fields.

CRSF 2011 was held at The University of Liverpool on June 18th. CRSF 2012 followed and the 2013 conference is currently in the planning phase. I am once again chairing the conference committee.